• I am currently teaching full-time at Moorhead High School and am unavailable to clean windows during the school year.


    If you would like to reserve a time to have your windows cleaned for 2021, please send an email to feirwindow@gmail.com or call 218-443-0475, indicating a specific date or time in the season which you would prefer to have your windows cleaned.


    If you are a new customer and would like a free estimate, please fill out the brief form at the bottom of the website or here.

    Thank you,


    Ricky Feir

  • Ricky Feir with Window Cleaning Equipment, including a pole, scrubber, squeegee, and scraper in Moorhead by the Astro Van.


    My name is Ricky Feir. I have cleaned residential and commercial windows throughout college. A few years ago I started my own business, because I thought I could be successful and knew I would grow from the experience.


    Additionally, I hoped to bring that experience into my student teaching economics classroom, which I do today, teaching economics and government at Moorhead High School.


    It works well for me to operate in the summers as a teacher and enjoy some sun. I love this job and want to bring affordable and professional residential window cleaning and gutter cleaning services to the Fargo-Moorhead area.


    Window Cleaning

    I recommend your windows be cleaned once or twice a year. I can clean the inside and/or outside. I use ladders and poles, so I should be able to reach any window. I have cleaned windows that are behind trees, bizarrely shaped, and tilt in and out or hang over a sink.

    Gutter Cleaning

    If you have trees around your home, you will want to have your gutters checked. If your gutters are not clean, water will not drain properly and run down the house, pooling by the foundation. This can cause floors to become uneven, walls to crack, mold to form, and flooding in a basement.

    What to Expect

    I will arrive at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, or another time agreed upon. I can start wherever you would prefer on the inside or on the outside. If you enjoy talking we can strike up a conversation, but if not, I can listen to an audiobook or podcast. If there is rain and you prefer I not clean the outside of your windows, I will stop by again within the next couple weeks on a brighter day.

    You do not have to pay until the job is completed and you may either hand me a check or mail it to Feir's Window Cleaning, PO Box 1203, Fargo, ND 58107. If you believe I or an employee missed a spot, feel free to call and I will be back shortly to redo that window.


    I just need to walk around the house to count the windows.

    PO Box 1203
    Fargo, ND 58107
    Mon-Fri 9am-5pm